Milestone Number Milestone Title WP Number Lead Beneficiary Due Date (in months) Means of Verification Completed
MS1 Validation of model libraries WP1 5. DTU 18
MS2 Validation of costing and sustainability metrics WP1 1. NTUA 24
MS3 Validation of scale up approaches WP1 13. CIMV 30
MS4 Web-based tool prototype for structure generation of biorefinery concepts WP2 1. NTUA 6
MS5 Application of multi-objective optimisation approach for selection of value chains WP2 1. NTUA 18
MS6 Application of workflow models for waste biomass applications in a circular economy context WP3 3. SURREY 18
MS7 Platform prototype for integration of transformation paths and technologies over the application domains WP3 3. SURREY 30
MS8 Use of systems libraries for the thermochemical and biochemical alternatives of municipal waste valorisation WP4 1. NTUA 20
MS9 Evaluation of process design for stand-alone and integrated to infrastructures municipal waste biorefineries WP4 7. GREENE SL 30
MS10 Collection of data for agricultural and forestry waste across Europe WP5 9. CHALMERS 9
MS11 Use of systems libraries for the lignocellulosic agricultural and forestry waste valorisation WP5 1. NTUA 30
MS12 Evaluation of process design for lignocellulosic agricultural and forestry waste biorefinery WP5 13. CIMV 30
MS13 Use of systems library for glycerol biorefinery, including bio- and chemo-catalytic transformation paths WP6 1. NTUA 20
MS14 Use of systems library for food industry waste valorisation WP6 1. NTUA 20
MS15 Evaluation of process design for glycerol biorefiner WP6 5. DTU 30
MS16 Evaluation of process design for food industry waste biorefinery WP6 9. CHALMERS 30
MS17 Evaluation for retrofit design for pulp and paper biorefinery with lignin valorisation to fuels, commodity, platform and specialty chemicals WP6 9. CHALMERS 36
MS18 Review of assignment of ESR/ER of partner organisations to secondments WP7 1. NTUA 12
MS19 Organisation of workshops (place, participants, programme, guests) WP7 5. DTU 42
MS20 Organisation of training schools (place, participants, programme, guests WP7 1. NTUA 36
MS21 Agreement with conferences (EUBCE, ESCAPE, EFIB) for special RENESENG-II session/event WP7 9. CHALMERS 33
MS22 Progress of collecting educational material WP7 9. CHALMERS 44
MS23 Assessment of project progress according to quality indicators WP8 1. NTUA 36
MS24 Progress of spin-off creation business plan WP8 1. NTUA 40


KT Consortium Annual Meeting 2021

This year’s KT CONSORTIUM Annual Meeting will be held only as an online event, due to uncertainties regarding Denmark’s opening conditions. As in the previous years, the meeting is joined with the CERE Discussion Meeting. The program includes 3 sessions: Thermodynamics, Water and Electrolytes, Process System Engineering, and Bio-Process System Engineering. This year there is one extra session with invited industrial and academia speakers from the EU project RENESENG II, where DTU was part of.

Reneseng II Kick-Off Meeting

RENESENG II Kick-Off meeting is on the 13th of July at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Athens, Greece.

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