WP Number Work Package Title Lead Beneficiary
1. Repositories of process and property models 5. DTU
2. Value chain modelling and sustainability assessment across feedstocks, products, and industries 1. NTUA
3. Workflows modelling for circular economy and business development 3. SURREY
4. Application domain 1: Municipal solid waste and wastewater 7. GREENE SL
5. Application domain 2: Lignocellulosic agricultural and forestry waste 13. CIMV
6. Application domain 3: Industrial waste biomass 9. CHALMERS
7. Dissemination, exploitation and communication programme 1. NTUA
8. Project management 1. NTUA


KT Consortium Annual Meeting 2021

This year’s KT CONSORTIUM Annual Meeting will be held only as an online event, due to uncertainties regarding Denmark’s opening conditions. As in the previous years, the meeting is joined with the CERE Discussion Meeting. The program includes 3 sessions: Thermodynamics, Water and Electrolytes, Process System Engineering, and Bio-Process System Engineering. This year there is one extra session with invited industrial and academia speakers from the EU project RENESENG II, where DTU was part of.

Reneseng II Kick-Off Meeting

RENESENG II Kick-Off meeting is on the 13th of July at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Athens, Greece.

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